Valentine's Day couples workout

You’ve heard the saying: couples that work out together, stay together. This Valentine’s Day, aim for a healthier relationship, rather than flowers and candlelit dinners. We’ve put together a full-body workout you can enjoy together, and included even more from one of our favorite fit couples, Regan Grimes and Victoria D’Ariano.

Elevated Pushups
Instead of using stairs, a flat bench or an exercise ball for elevation, put your partner to work! Have them lay on the floor, facing up with legs spread. Next, have them raise their arms straight out in front of them to create your elevated platform. Place your hands in between their legs, hands under shoulders, in standard pushup position. Slowly place each of your legs into their hands so that they are holding your ankles in an elevated position. Perform pushups as normal, but prepare for some disapproving looks.

Partner Curls
Why curl with weights when you can use your significant other? Have your partner lay flat with their arms crossed. Pick them up under the knees and in between their chest and arms. They should focus on using their abs to remain completely straight as you curl their whole body.

Combined Triceps Dip & Squat
Have your partner position themselves in a wall sit, thighs parallel to the floor and knees directly over their ankles. Their arms should be raised over their head with their shoulders pressed against the wall. At the same time, stand about a foot in front of them, facing away. Squat, then rest your palms on their knees, fingers facing forward. Do 20 reps of triceps dips as your partner holds their squat. Switch positions.

Bodyweight Partner Lunges
Have your partner get on your shoulders like you’re about to play a game of chicken in the pool. Perform walking lunges, making sure to keep your knee from going over your toes!

Bodyweight Leg Presses
Lay on your back with your knees curled into your stomach. Have your partner stand by your feet and place your feet on their stomach. Holding their hands for balance, slowly straighten your legs and raise them above your hips at a 90-degree angle. Once steady, perform nice, slow leg presses, straight up and down.

Koala Bear Crunches
It may sound cute, but this move requires both of you to have a strong core. If not, you may find yourself in a pile on the floor. Hold your partner like a small child (or a koala wrapped around a tree), with their legs wrapped around your waist. Making sure your feet are planted, they will lean backwards to perform a decline crunch. Bonus couple points if they perform a full sit up and get rewarded with a kiss at the top.

Exercise Ball Crunches with Overhead Toss
Have your partner lay on an exercise ball and hold a medicine ball with their arms extended over their head. Stand a few feet in front of them. As they crunch up, they will throw you the medicine ball. Catch it, toss it back and repeat.

Kneeling Partner Twist
Kneel on the floor, back-to-back with your partner, close enough that your feet almost touch each other’s bent knees. Holding a medicine ball, slowly twist to one side to hand the ball off to your partner, who should be twisting to meet you. Twist to the other side as they turn to hand the ball back to you. Continue for 90 seconds, then repeat the exercise going the opposite direction.

Regan Grimes and Victoria D’Ariano are members of Team BPI Sports.