Does what’s in your bottle of protein match what’s on the label?

With the growing awareness that what’s in your bottle of protein may not actually match what’s on the label of your protein, supplement users are becoming more and more informed on the specific issue at hand – protein spiking. When you buy a tub of protein and it says it contains 24 grams of such, where is the objective proof that every gram of protein claimed on the label is actually protein and not just cheap fillers being passed off as protein? Well, ChromaDex knows exactly what’s in your protein powder which is why BPI Sports uses their independent third-party verification program; to provide the honest truth on the labels of BPI products.

It’s time other sports nutrition companies put their money where their mouth is. Simply providing claims that their protein “is not spiked” is no longer good enough. In a world where consumers are becoming increasingly aware of what they are consuming, they are now looking for more than just verbal declarations. That’s where the ChromaDex seal comes in to serve as this proof that the product has gone through rigorous testing. It’s not just a once per batch thing either. BPI Sports and ChromaDex has implemented an ongoing program that guarantees consistent, high quality, NON-SPIKED protein, in every single bottle.

Curious as to what specifically ChromaDex tests for? Check out the below points:

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