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Jay Cutler needs no introduction. The 4-time Mr. Olympia and 3-time Arnold Classic Champion is one of the most recognized bodybuilders in the world. Plus, he’s been a part of Team BPI since 2013.

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Jay Cutler was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, about 50 miles west of Boston. The youngest of seven, he learned to work hard early on, starting at his brothers’ concrete company at the age of 11. While this didn’t allow him much free time, Jay still attributes his unmatched work ethic to this first job.

In high school, Jay began playing football. Although he excelled due to his speed and size, it wasn’t his passion. Even as a child, Jay Cutler had been fascinated with the bodybuilders he saw in magazines, and loved seeing the way his own body responded to weight training. At 18 years old, he put down $300 for a Gold’s Gym membership and set out to become the best bodybuilder in the world.

From 1993 to 2000, Jay Cutler went from winning the teen Nationals to training full time for Olympia. He signed his first endorsement deal with ISS Research and took a full year to prepare for a win. He ended up landing a controversial second place spot, but wasn’t deterred. He knew if he kept his Olympia physique, he could win the Arnold Classic. And that’s what he did. In 2002, Jay brought home first place – he had finally made it!

In 2003, Jay decided to focus on winning every show he entered. He placed first in the Iron Man, Arnold Classic and SF Pro. Over the summer, he set his sights on Olympia, but fell short at second place once again. That didn’t stop people from taking notice though. Jay Cutler was the most publicized bodybuilder in the world and his momentum was climbing.

In 2004, Jay won the Arnold and took second at Olympia. In 2005, he decided to skip the Arnold and put everything he had into winning Olympia. Yet, again, he only placed second. Maybe this was the motivation he needed, or maybe it was destiny, but Jay bet everything that 2006 would be his year.

After intense training at Gold’s Gym, full of dead lifts, T-bar rows and 200lb dumbbell rows, Jay Cutler finally claimed the title of Mr. Olympia in 2006 at 33 years old.

As they say, the rest is history. Jay won Mr. Olympia again in 2007. In 2008, although he only took second, he launched Cutler Athletics and Swole Monkey clothing line. Distribution through his website took off, and his popularity continued to rise.

After switching nutrition advisors, and surrounding himself with a great training team, Jay forced his body into new growth and reached his best condition to date. He reclaimed the Mr. Olympia title in 2009 and then again in 2010.

2011 proved to be a rough year. Jay lost one of his beloved dogs and tore his left bicep during a photo shoot two weeks before Olympia. He still landed second, but decided to take the rest of the year to regroup. He ate like a “normal” person and leaned down dramatically. In February of 2012, he had surgery to repair his bicep and wore a sling for two months. Although he began training lightly again in the spring, it was clear he wouldn’t be able to get back to 100% in time to compete.

Missing the stage, Jay decided to take one more shot at the 2013 Olympia. He teamed up with BPI Sports, making the switch from contracted athlete to partner in an ever-growing brand. At his last professional appearance, Jay took sixth – but his legendary career will forever be remembered in the bodybuilding world. His childhood dream is now a reality.

Jay Cutler