The #BPITeamAesthetics program is a classic 5-day split, covering each muscle group once per week. Turn your body into a lean, muscular weapon through careful isolation of each muscle group and focus on the concentric, or negative, phase of each movement. We'll use controlled tempo to remove any momentum, which increases time under tension and ensures you get the most our of each rep. Join Team Aesthetics if your goal is to see a shredded physique staring back at you from the mirror.

Tyrone Bell

As a kid, Tyrone vowed to get as jacked as his He-Man action figure one day. We think it's safe to say he succeeded. Today, Tyrone has committed himself to helping others achieve their dream physique. He helps his cleints avoid fad diets and gimmicks, educating them on the correct way to transofrm their bodies. Tyrone has been featured in some of the largest health and fitness media sources and helped countless Hollywood stars get camera ready. Now, he's putting his expertise to work for you.

Video Overview

  • Symmetry
  • V Taper
  • Lean Definition

Courtney King

Courtney's road to the 2016 Ms. Bikini Olympia title was anything but easy. She struggled to maintain the right mindset, she relied on crash diets and got frustrated when she didn't place as high as she thought she would. She wasn't perfect - but she persevered. She got her head on straight, put in the hard work and gave it her all. That's what it takes to earn the crown. And that's why we choose her as a #BPITeamAesthetics athlete.

Video Overview

  • Symmetry
  • Hourglass Figure
  • Proportions