Nutrition is a 24 hour job, but the time before, during, and post-workout is the most crucial. Preparing your body for a brutal workout, and giving it the tools it needs to begin the recovery process can mean the difference between a successful training cycle and a failed attempt and making improvements. It is imperative that you prep accordingly, and supplements are the way to go, so that your stomach isn’t full of food as you step into the gym.

Here are some general guidelines and tips for optimizing your peri-workout nutrition:

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Our nutrition recommendations at BPI are meant for you to stay focused, alert, and to have enough energy to beat your previous best effort, every time you step into the gym. This means that you’ll have to be consistent, but you’ll also make consistent progress. Never stop pushing yourself and you’ll never stop evolving. Before you train, you want to create an environment that is conducive to anabolism and energy production.


While you lift, your muscles are being damaged, and your body is under a lot of metabolic and central nervous stress. While this is necessary for growth, it is best to be proactive about your recovery. Fast digesting carbs and amino acids are the most effective way to get ahead of your recovery.

Post Training

If you have had proper intra-training nutrition, you’ve given your body a safety net. You don’t need to panic and eat a steak within 5 minutes of your last rep, but having some carbs and protein to hold you over until you can sit down to a full meal will help your recovery significantly. Try to eat within 45 minutes of your last rep, and worst case scenario, within 2 hours. The sooner the better.