What’s up everyone, I’m Abe. I’m not a bodybuilder, I’ve never competed, I’m not a certified trainer, and I don’t even have a ton of followers. The one thing I do have is a passion for the gym and training. That’s why I’ve come up with this trainer – it’s the real deal for anyone from the newbie to a pro. And the best part is, it’s completely FREE!!!

Maybe you’ve never worked out before, or maybe you’ve just fallen off for a bit. Either way, this trainer is set up to get you in the gym. I’ll provide daily videos of the workouts, nutrition advice and motivation. We’re here to burn fat and build muscle mass so you can unveil a bigger, faster, stronger you.

Oh, and you’re not the only one. A shoulder injury has kept me out of the gym for the past three months. During my recovery, I could’ve at least kept up with my cardio, but instead, I’ve been enjoying myself, eating whatever I please, staying up late and just being sloppy. Now, you get to see me go through the same ups and downs as you.

Our transformation is going to come from a combination of building muscle mass and burning fat. I know there are those who say it can’t be done, but I say forget ’em!!! It’s time to drop the doubts and all the talk because talk is cheap. If you’re really committed to this trainer, you’re here to do work. So, let your results speak for themselves.

Again, I’m not famous, I don’t get free supps, and I’m not getting a free meal plan. I’m just a guy who loves to train and really wants to get back into shape. That’s why you should join me on this trainer. I’ll put all the love and passion I’ve learned in my 10+ years of working in this industry into this trainer and be with you every step of the way.

Start by watching our overview videos, then download your grocery list and training PDFs. This way, you always know what you should be training and eating for the week.