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Last month we shared five of Eric Janicki’s favorite back exercises. Now, it’s time to move on to his favorite chest exercises. Watch the following videos to improve your technique and mix up your routine:

Sliding Pushups Warm Up

Set yourself up on the bar like you’re doing a pushup. In the down position, slide side to side to help stretch and open up every muscle fiber in your chest. Keep your hips up to target the upper chest, and push your hips down to focus more on the lower chest.

Cable Flye Variation

The downward flye is great for building up the lower chest. Stand with your hips back and arch your lower back. Hold the handles out on either side, getting a good stretch, then drive down towards your belt line, keeping your chest up. Stay on top of the weight. Don’t slouch your shoulders or round the lower back. The weight may be too heavy if you find yourself doing either, and your back and biceps will take over.

Hammer Strength Machine

Perform 12 reps with a four-second hold at the top. This will really squeeze the inner chest. Finish with quarter-rep burnouts.

Seated Dip Machine Variation

If you’re tired of decline bench, mix it up! Do something different! This is a lower chest exercise that will probably draw a few stares, but it’s worth it. Sit facing away from the machine with your feet back and your weight balanced on the handles. Press down into the handles and counter balance the weight as it comes back up with the weight of your body pushing down. If you feel this in your shoulders or feel pain, lower the weight and do it right.

Single-arm Alternating Flyes

Performing a single-arm variation on this machine allows you to go past your center of mass and get that extra contraction. Keep your chest open and arch your lower back. Finish with half-rep burnouts.

4-Count Flye Variation

Sit facing away from the machine with your arms out wide on the handles. For flyes, always make sure that you keep your chest up and open, and your lower back arched. If you start to feel the movement in your shoulders, reduce the weight until you can hold your form. Bring your arms in toward your center of mass for a count of four, then slowly return to your starting position for a count of four. Once you hit failure, finish with half-rep burnouts.

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