5 Habits of the Super Fit

May 3, 2016

No secret weapons or magical discipline here! Find out what habits the SUPER FIT have that gives them that edge.

It’s a common misconception that “fit people” have some crazy secret weapon or magical, mysterious discipline that’s barely achievable or remotely realistic for your average person. However, in reality, there are only a few habits that set the six-pack ab guy apart from your six-pack of beer guy. So, what does the SUPER FIT do that gives them that SUPER HERO edge?

  1. No “diet” is necessary. Someone who is visibly in shape definitely doesn’t abide by fad diets or 6 week programs just to fall right off the fitness bandwagon a month and a half later. Nearly every meal is well balanced with whole, unprocessed foods. They eat primarily for fuel instead of satisfying cravings. They know the importance of protein, carbs, and “good fats” for building muscle and the right kinds of these foods to help them achieve their fitness goals. Your super fit person will also designate 1-2 meals a week for “cheating” to help them avoid binging on “cheat” foods in the long run.
  2. They never skip breakfast. Your super fit individual knows the importance of breakfast and will NOT EVER skip this meal. It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For your fit person, it’s one of the 6 or 7 most important meals of the day. They see breakfast as a way to jumpstart their day, their metabolism, and their energy. They will also know what foods are most effective to eat in the morning to maximize fat burning and what foods they should lay off of until later in the day. These guys and gals will also not properly function or be in a good, upbeat mood until they’ve been fed.
  3. They get really creative with their protein intake. As often as your super fit human will eat boring meals like boiled chicken and a plain sweet potato out of a Tupperware container (maybe with some cinnamon if they’re feeling jazzy), they also like to shake things up a bit. Super fit people will find ways to make the most boring of foods more exciting like making giant crazy stir-fries, or creating a sweet potato “bun” to accompany their lean ground turkey burger. These individuals will also find ways to incorporate protein into just about EVERYTHING. Protein ice cream? Check. Protein waffles? Check. Protein chicken pot pie? Hey, it’s probably been done.
  4. They don’t drink their calories. “Let’s go get some margaritas” is a statement that you will rarely (if ever) hear from the mouth of the super fit. These people would rather eat their calories than drink them, most of the time. Primarily because these people are also hungry 24/7 with their fantastic metabolisms. You’ll also rarely find them drinking liquids other than H2O, protein shakes, BCAA concoctions, pre-workouts, and COFFEE (the kryptonite for the super fit). If these people DO indulge in alcoholic beverages, their drink of choice tends to be vodka soda lime.

  5. They make working out a priority. Not having a gym readily available is not an issue for your super fit. They will work out in a 4×4 box if that was their only option. Going on vacation? Also not an issue. The super fit can create a workout at the drop of a hat in their hotel room. Or better yet, they will only book a hotel with a fitness center in it as an amenity. These people will not skip a workout unless they absolutely HAVE to – and when they HAVE to, they feel like they’ve lost all gains until they are able to hit the gym again. You can always count on these people to make the time in their day for a work out.

    >>> BPI Bombshell and celebrity personal trainer, Jacqueline, lives the SUPER FIT lifestyle day in and day out. See how she got her start in the fitness industry. Everybody starts somewhere!

  6. BONUS HABIT: They have an ungodly amount of workout clothes. For your super fit person, laundry is the enemy. Workout clothes take up a good portion of their laundry basket, yet their closets and drawers are still full of “comfy”, sometimes stretchy, dry-fit tops and bottoms. The athletic shoe collection is also vast because your super fit men and women most likely has a sneaker addiction. Also, because laundry does suck that much, they will tend to just buy more instead of doing the wash every other day.
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