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Advanced Training Techniques: Build a Wider Back

October 4, 2016

back workout

In this fifth installment of Advanced Training Techniques, BPI Sports co-founder, James Grage, discusses how to build detail, thickness and width in your back. Plus, he provides a complete back workout using everything you’ve learned.

Video 1: Build Detail and Width in Your Back

Doing rows and pulldowns in your back workout isn’t always enough to get well-balanced development. The back is made up of multiple muscles, each with them with their own functions, and a lot of them overlapping. So if you’re looking to either build width or thickness in your back, you have to understand what each of these muscles are and how they function. Keep watching this video to discover how to target the various back muscles including traps, lats and more.

Video 2: Best Exercises to Build Lats

This next video focuses primarily on developing the lats to build width in your back. James discusses adduction, mind-muscle connection and full range of motion as he shows you how to correctly perform lat pulldowns. The BPI Sports co-founder also shares common mistakes typically seen with back training, so that you can avoid these pitfalls with your own workouts.

Video 3: Build Thickness in Your Back

James Grage discusses training for detail and thickness in your back by properly training your middle trapezius (traps). To target development, it’s important to know the direction of muscle fibers and their pull, to better understand how to train them. Keep watching to learn how to better initiate movement and properly engage the traps.

Video 4: Complete Back Workout

In this video, BPI Sports co-founder, James Grage, brings together all the lessons learned about back training, for a complete back workout. Keep watching for the complete back workout.

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