Advanced Training Techniques: Building Bigger Arms

September 8, 2016

build bigger arms with James Grage

Welcome to Part 2 of the new video series, Advanced Training Techniques, where BPI Sports Co-Founder, James Grage, discusses techniques and exercises for building bigger and stronger arms.

Video #1: Building a Biceps Peak:

James discusses how to add height to your biceps, by targeting the “long head” or outer head of the biceps muscle. The biceps gets its name (bi) because the muscle is made up of two muscle bellies (or heads). The biceps’ heads are joined at the bottom on your forearm, but at top they originate from two different locations. The different tendon attachments are what allow you to target one area over another. The outer head is what adds that extra peak when you flex your arms. In this video you’ll learn exercises, tips and tricks to target that long head of the biceps, for bigger and more defined arms.

Video #2: Building Wider Arms

In this next video from the Advanced Training Techniques series, discover how to get wider, or thicker arms, by targeting the inner head (aka short head) of the biceps. In this video James completes the biceps-building equation with techniques and tips to thoroughly work the biceps, and build bigger and stronger arms.

Video #3: Training the Brachialis and Brachioradialis for Bigger Arms

How do you make your biceps appear bigger, without training your biceps? In this video, you’ll find out how to build up two other muscles that contribute to both strength in your curls, and overall size in your arms. The brachialis muscle lays directly beneath the biceps, so by building up this muscle you can essentially push the biceps up higher, making your arms look bigger. Watch the video and learn how to target this muscle for bigger and stronger arms.

Video #4: Building Bigger Triceps

When it comes to building bigger arms, your biceps are only part of the equation. On the other side of your arm, your triceps can make up 50-60% of your overall arm size. Now just like the biceps, the triceps gets its name because of the number of muscle heads. Your triceps have three different heads, each originating from a different location. These different origination points allows you to target each differently, depending on the exercise and body position. Watch the video to find out why all this information is important and how it can make a difference in building more well-developed triceps.

Video #5: Complete Arm Workout

In this video, James brings everything from past videos together, and walks you through a complete workout. Watch as he supersets between both biceps and triceps.

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