Advanced Training Techniques: Building a Bigger Chest

September 14, 2016

chest workout

In our past two articles on Advanced Training Techniques, with BPI Sports co-founder, James Grage, we covered training topics including how to get a peak muscular contraction, understanding the muscle length/tension relationship, and mind/muscle connection. Then we moved on to training tips and techniques for building bigger arms. Now it’s time for chest.

Video #1: Building a Bigger Upper Chest

In this first video on chest training, James Grage discusses how to target and build a bigger upper chest. Before diving into exercise selection and technique, James addresses some of the common mistakes and misconceptions about how to build bigger pecs.

Video #2: How To Build Your Pecs

In this video, James dives deeper into building a strong chest while discussing angles, range of motion, peak contractions, isolated movements and one of the most famous chest exercises of all time: the bench press.

Video #3: Complete Chest Workout

Join James for a chest workout at BPI Sports headquarters where he shows us how to build pecs from top to bottom, applying the techniques mentioned in prior videos. He starts on the upper chest with an isolation exercise. Watch out for range of motion, placement of hands, form and training by feel. The additional chest workouts include compound exercises with cable crossovers, incline dumbbell flys, dumbbell presses and modified cable flys.

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