Why Supplement with Best BCAA SHREDDED™?

December 21, 2016

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Besides great nutrition and working out regularly, sports supplements can also help you lose weight by supporting your efforts. For example, a pre-workout formula can help give you the energy and motivation to get into the gym on a regular basis. Exercising, in turn, creates the caloric deficit you need to shed the unwanted pounds.

When talking about sports supplements that boost energy levels and stamina, there are typically two categories: the stimulant-based formulas and the non-stimulant based ones. Stimulant-based supplements such as fat burners contain energy boosters like caffeine and other similar ingredients to help boost metabolism. They have been shown to produce results, but some users experience the side effects of stimulants such as jitters, shaking and/or the dreaded crash afterwards.

If you’re looking for a non-stimulant approach to weight loss:

If you struggle with some of those caffeine-induced effects, BPI Sports’ newest sports supplement Best BCAA SHREDDED™ can be used as an alternative. The Carnitine inside the formula helps your body burn fat for energy (fuel) resulting in a cleaner bulk and fat loss. The amino acids assist your body in transporting the fat you have into the cells to get burned as energy. Essentially, Carnitine converts long fatty acids into energy. The non-stimulant ingredient can help you build a much stronger, leaner and defined physique.

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Since Best BCAA SHREDDED™ is a non-stimulant formula, you can always stack it with a fat burner. Even if it has caffeine in it, like BPI Sports’ RoxyLean™, you can still pair it with Best BCAA SHREDDED™ because that supplement doesn’t have caffeine.

If you want to preserve hard-earned lean muscle mass:

If keeping your gains is top priority, preventing muscle breakdown should also be on your list, as these fitness goals go hand in hand. Ask any bodybuilder what their greatest fear is and you’ll find one common answer: losing hard-earned muscle gains. Best BCAA SHREDDED™ features the ever-popular branched chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine, which work synergistically. If your body doesn’t have enough of these BCAAs, it will access storage reserves and possibly break down the muscle mass you tried so hard to put on. By supplementing with Best BCAA SHREDDED™, you enhance muscle protein synthesis for greater muscle growth, preserving lean muscle and building strength and power.

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If you’re looking for optimal muscle recovery and repair:

The BCAAs and Carnitine are kind of the stars of Best BCAA SHREDDED™ since they’re responsible for many of the benefits, even proper muscle repair and recovery. According to the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, Carnitine has been shown to positively impact the recovery process after exercise. The organization refers to a specific study done by Amy Huang and Owen K. that shows a decrease in catabolism markers and free radical generation, as well as muscle soreness, thanks to Carnitine supplementation. Direct assessment of muscle tissue damage via MRI was also done, and proved the ability of Carnitine to decrease tissue damage related to hypoxic stress.

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