How to Calculate Your Body Fat Percentage & Lean Muscle Mass

February 13, 2017

calculate body fat percentage

In order to coax your body into burning fat, you have to make sure you are getting the right amount of calories and macronutrients specific to your body. This requires doing some simple calculations based on your body fat percentage and lean muscle mass. Don’t know your body fat percentage or lean muscle mass? We can help.

First, you’re going to need a body fat caliper, like the one included in our 6-Pack Shredded Kit. This tool will help you track your progress, whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle or both.

Three-Site Skin-Fold Test
The three-site skin-fold test is the simplest way to calculate your body fat percentage using your body fat caliper. To perform your measurements, you want to use a “pinch and pull” technique. Try to separate the fat tissue from the surrounding tissue with a pinch and then pull away to measure. Measure the site, then record it. Repeat each site three times and take the average. This is the number you will plug into the Body Fat Calculator to find your body fat percentage.

Testing Sites for Men
Chest – Use a diagonal pinch that is halfway between your right nipple and the crease of your armpit.
Abdominal – Use a vertical pinch, about one inch right of your navel. If you can’t get a vertical pinch, a horizontal one will work. Just make sure to keep this consistent each time you measure.
Thigh – Use a vertical pinch at the midpoint between your hip and knee.

Testing Sites for Women
Triceps – Use a vertical pinch at the midpoint between the side of your shoulder and the point of your elbow. You’ll need someone to assist you for this spot.
Hips or Iliac Crest – Use a diagonal pinch just above the hip bone.
Thigh – Use a vertical pinch at the midpoint between your hip and knee.

Once you have your average measurement from each site, use the formulas below to calculate your body fat percentage and lean muscle mass.

  1. Weigh Yourself on a Scale: _____ lbs.
  2. Fat Caliper Measurements:
    1. Site 1: _____
    2. Site 2: _____
    3. Site 3: _____
  3. Go to to input your measurements and calculate your body fat percentage: _____ %
  4. Calculate Fat Mass: Body Weight (lbs.) x Body Fat % = ______ lbs.
  5. Calculate Your Lean Body Mass: Body Weight (lbs.) – Body Fat (lbs.) = ______

With your Lean Body Mass, you can now calculate the exact number of macros you should be getting based on your goal. Tracking your daily intake of carbs, protein and fats will help you stay consistent, which is the key to success. The manual included in your 6-Pack Shredded Kit can help you walk through these exact calculations as well.

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