Coach Tyrone's Critical Training Tips: Quads

April 19, 2017

Coach Tyrone quads

In the third part of Coach Tyrone’s Critical Training Tips, Tyrone Bell focuses on the legs – more specifically, the quadriceps or quads. Read on to learn how to perform leg press exercises and barbell squats.

Leg Training Pointers:

  1. Create the force first.
  2. Contract before moving.
  3. Stay in the tension zone.

Leg Press Exercises:

Create tension between you and the foot plate by purposefully pushing and flattening your foot out as much as possible. Try to cover the entire area with the sole of your foot so the working load is being transferred where you want it to go. Then, contract your quads and glutes before moving. Next, drive the foot into the plate and move the plate away from you. Keep the target muscle group in the firing line the whole set. When you drive back your glutes, your back should be pressed hard against the machine and your hips shouldn’t tilt out of position. That’s your personal tension zone.

Barbell Squats:

Create force between the soles of your feet and the floor in order to create a platform for yourself. Before moving at all, contract the quads to control the downward movement. You control the weight and resist gravity. Once at the bottom, contract so hard that your body will naturally drive up. As far as tension zone, lower yourself down to the point that your hips are tilting. Stop just short of that for your own personal tension zone.

Tyrone Bell is a member of Team BPI Sports.

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