Coach Tyrone's Critical Training Tips: Shoulders

April 26, 2017

Coach Tyrone shoulder

For the final episode of Coach Tyrone’s Critical Training Tips series, Tyrone Bell shows you how to train your shoulders properly by improving your technique and engaging more than just momentum.

Shoulder Training Pointers:

  1. Center first.
  2. Create a mechanical advantage.
  3. Stay in the tension zone.

Dumbbell Lateral Raises:

Eliminate the chance to use momentum in any shoulder lift. Contract your abs and lengthen your spine to stand tall. Keep this position for perfect form. Next, engage your back muscles and pull your shoulder blades together to target the right muscles. The tension zone kicks in at 20 degrees, right before shoulder height. Don’t let your traps steal the load. That’s the way to get the most side deltoids stimulus.

Rear Delt Cable Flys:

Contract your abs, lengthen your spine and lift your chest up. Your core will fight the counter pull from the cable. Lengthen your traps and contract the triceps. Travel out to about 10 degrees short of being in line with your body for your tension zone.

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