fat adapted ketone test strip

“Being in ketosis is this arbitrarily-defined threshold of .5 millimolars of blood ketones. So if you’re above that, say 1 millimolar of ketones in the blood, then you are considered in ketosis.

Fat adapted is different than keto adapted. Fat adapted is sort of the midway point between the typical American diet and being keto adapted. Keto adapted typically takes weeks to months to attain. That’s where your body’s cells are almost wholly reliant on ketones, and again that takes weeks to months of requisite carbohydrate depletion. So low carbohydrates for weeks to months – typically 8-12 weeks –  before you become fully keto adapted after which point you’re not really relying on glucose for energy. Your cells are relying on ketones.

Fat adapted is somewhere between, so you’re relying I would say half and half on the beta oxidation of fats for energy as well as some carbohydrates. That’s typically where I keep my patients. I keep my patients somewhere between 50 and 100 grams of daily carbohydrate load, independent of their starting weight. Those are really the differences.”

Dr. Brett Osborn

Dr. O is a Team BPI Sports’ fitness and nutrition expert.