Dropping the Quarantine 15 Part Three: Arms with Mike O'Hearn and Joseph Baena

August 12, 2020

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This week, we’re helping you get your arms in peak condition — literally. We joined pro bodybuilders Mike O’Hearn and Joseph Baena for a full arm workout and gathered all their favorite tips and tricks just for you. Learn more about kicking off your sleeve-splitting journey below then get started with some of O’Hearn and Baena’s go-to exercises.

First things first - where should you start?

O’Hearn and Baena both agree — there’s no better place to start than the tricep. It’s a bigger muscle and really gets the pump going. It also warms up your elbows, which will help with your bicep exercises later on.

What should your warmup look like?

According to these pros, less is more. You’re not just going to be training for a year you’re going to be training for a lifetime. Doing less on your warm ups can help protect the longevity of your connective tissue, which doesn’t recover as quickly as muscle. While some people will go in and do 20-30 reps and then 4-5 sets for their warmup, O’Hearn recommends taking it easy with 1-5 reps using heavy weights.

Pro Tip with Mike O’Hearn
“It’s not the guy who’s in the gym the most that gets the biggest gains, it’s not the guy that goes 100% every single day that gets the best gains, it’s the guy that’s training smarter.”

Workout tips from the pros:

Tricep Kickbacks
After you’ve extended your arms all the way back, rotate your hands out to get maximum results. Also, don’t go too heavy on weights and relax your chest throughout the exercise.

Slight Incline Tricep Extension
Try an over-exaggerated form if you want to work on the longevity of your connective tissue, instead of just focusing on building muscle.

Preacher Curls
O’Hearn recommends sitting back for this exercise. If you sit back and use heavier weights, you’re focusing on power. Bring the weight up and over and then elongate the arms for an isolation movement instead of a size builder. That will give you that big mass and that big peak.

Want to see how it’s done? Watch the entire workout below.

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Check in every Wednesday for more tips and tricks on meeting and exceeding your post-quarantine goals and share your journey with us on social media.

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