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Eight Supplements that Support Runners

May 6, 2017

supplements that support runners

Despite their primary popularity within the bodybuilding community, supplements are not just for those who lift weights.

For those of you who prefer to stay active by running, we’ve broken out which products will work for you and why. Here’s our list of eight supplements that support runners:

Best BCAA™

This branched-chain amino acid product helps supply your muscles with cellular energy, can prevent muscle breakdown caused by your more intense runs, and accelerate your recovery.

Best Pre Workout™

This supplement is perfect for endurance athletes. Best Pre Workout™ contains medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), healthy fats that your body can use as a sustained energy source to fuel long runs. It also provides beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) salts that have been clinically shown to boost performance with less oxygen. Basically, you get more miles on “less gas.” In addition, BHB salts provide electrolytes to keep your hydration at optimal levels.


Protein is the body’s primary building block for muscle, bone, skin, hair and many other tissues. Plus, your body needs protein in order to fully recover from workouts. Supplement the protein in your diet with ISO HD™ to promote lean muscle growth, prevent muscle breakdown and optimize recovery. With 25g of protein isolates and hydrolysates per scoop, ISO HD™ is protein in its purest form.

Best Creatine™

Creatine is one of the most popular and heavily researched supplements out there. By helping your body produce more ATP, it improves muscle endurance and performance. Plus, it helps with recovery.

Keto Bomb™

Perfect when added to coffee, tea or your favorite beverage, Keto Bomb™ delivers healthy fats that provide both instant and sustained energy.

Keto Weight Loss™

This keto-friendly fat burner provides a little boost from medium-dosed caffeine, plus healthy fats for instant and sustained energy.

Keto Aminos™

This amino acid formula delivers healthy fats, BHB salts, EAAs, and citrulline. The healthy fats provide instant and sustained energy, BHB salts boost performance, EAAs help prevent muscle breakdown and boost recovery, and citrulline helps with blood flow.

Bulk Muscle™

This mass gainer protein powder is ideal for runners who need more calories to fuel their runs. Use it as a quick, on-the-go meal replacement with high protein and medium carbs.

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