Friday the 13th: Workout Superstitions

October 13, 2017

Friday the 13th

The number 13 has long been considered unlucky, however the significance of Friday the 13th is more of a Western superstition. There are many theories about the origins, including a 1907 novel about a Wall Street broker, the story of Jesus’ crucifixion and a series of arrests made in the 1300s.

No matter which story you believe, or whether you believe at all, Friday the 13th is a day we all take note of on the calendar. So we decided it was the perfect opportunity to find out how superstitious our athletes are.

Believer or not, we hope you enjoy these workout superstitions:

Andrea Carmona @andreacarmonaa

My #1 superstition before hitting the gym is blasting Kanye West’s “Power” to get in the zone.

Cody Pontious @coda_fit

I have to do abs at least three times a week, maybe more. I just can’t help it! It’s the best burn you can get in a workout!

Corey Morris @coreymorrisworld

Every competition, when it’s my turn to face the curtain, I read every word I see from the sponsors. If I don’t, I feel like I have no chance of winning. I’ve done this in every show, from my first where I took home 1st, to the two National shows where I placed in the Top 5.

Emily Klausfelder @emmyk_fit

My lucky number is 4, so I look for it everywhere, especially when I compete. When I am in line to get my number, I cross my fingers hoping for a 4 in the number. If there is not one, I look for multiples of 4 or numbers that can be multiplied, added, divided or subtracted to get 4. Call me crazy, but when I see a 4 in my number, I can breathe a sigh of relief!

Enjoli Segneri @enjieponjie

I’m superstitious about the number of reps I do. I have to do 50 (heavy) or 100 (lightweight) total reps for each exercise or I feel like it doesn’t count! I also sew a Virgin Mary medallion into my suits for my competitions.

Felisha Williams @felishashawntae

I absolutely have to wear the same competition earrings and bracelet from the first show I competed in and won. I once switched them and received second call outs, so now I stick to my day ones!

Frank Smith @FS_fitness95

I have to listen to my favorite song when I go for my 1 rep max tests. The song is “Work This Body” by Walk the Moon. It always puts me in a happy mindset and gives me those good vibes before lifting some heavy weight!

Hannah Hurd @doublehfit

NEVER leave the house without headphones! Every time I don’t have them, I have a terrible workout.

Jennifer Bertsch @jenn_bertschpro

In college, I used to carry a rose petal from the last home game of my senior year in my softball helmet, and didn’t wash my socks all season long. Now, I wear the same bracelet every show and listen to the same song to pump myself up before I get on stage.

Jessie House @jessielhouse

I have to wear gray leggings on leg day because they make the booty look bigger and I feel even stronger.

Katherine Lia @fitwithkitkat

I always have to chew gum and have my favorite playlist on before my workout.

Kevin Haramis @kevharamis

I have to work out with a hat on, whether it’s a Dad hat or a snapback. I feel absolutely naked without it!

Kris Napier @krisnapier

Wiping down the machines isn’t just good hygiene. I 100% believe that if you don’t wipe them down, the Gains Goblins will take away any progress you have that day!

Patria Renee @patriarenee

Every time I squat I have to wear my Reebok Nanos. Before each set I have to take a sip of my BPI Sports Best BCAA™, kick my heels on the ground three times and spin the bar backwards before I get underneath it.

A post shared by Patria Renee (@patriarenee) on Oct 13, 2017 at 7:57am PDT

Pheng Leav @phengleav

I have to have Chapstick and gum before every workout, or else I feel like it won’t be a good one.

Ronald Ritchie @rj_two_point_ohh

NEVER use 2.5 lb. plates! They are bad luck!

Rosio Ruano @rosio_wbffpro

I always wear a sports bra that I made that says “Beast” during my last few workouts before a competition. I feel like it pushes my workouts when I’m exhausted and drained and feel like I can’t push any longer.

A post shared by Rosio (@rosio_wbffpro) on Oct 13, 2017 at 12:04am PDT

Sydney Martis @sydneyma_fi

If the bar isn’t lined up parallel with the lines on the floor when I’m deadlifting, I spend the time to adjust the bar until it’s perfectly in line. Otherwise, it just doesn’t feel right.

Tim Holt @timsholt

I must have my American flag around my neck with the flag facing behind me.

Tyler Klepp @tylerklepp

I have to spike my hair before every session or else I just feel off. Look good, feel good!

Vernon Woodson @svperhxro_tng

I always need to have my wrist straps, some Best BCAA™ and my music. The more Jay-Z the better!

A post shared by T Wood (@svperhxro_tng) on Oct 13, 2017 at 7:04am PDT

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