Games to Gains: Episode 2

May 20, 2018

Kerby leg workout

As promised, today we continue the story of Kerby Fortner, a 135-pound gamer seeking to transform his physique. Here’s a recap of week two of Games to Gains:

In week one, James gave Kerby his first “homework” assignment: grocery shopping. Now, the two sit down to discuss how it went and next steps:

James: How’d it go?

Kerby: I did pretty well. I got about a week and a half of meals and I only spent $75.

James: There you go!

Kerby: I got frozen tilapia, I got frozen skinless chicken breast…

James: Where did you go?

Kerby: Walmart.

James: Walmart is a good place to go! Did you get anything other than food.

Kerby: I got two pans and I cooked my first meal on them last night!

Next, the two head to the BPI gym for Day 1 of Kerby’s training program.

James: The program that I put together gets the worse training out of the way on Monday, and that’s legs. So here I’m looking at this thing saying, “Do I really wanna punish this kid and make him do legs on his first workout ever?” You know what, why not? Why not set the expectation and throw him into the fire.


Super Set:
Leg extensions + Seated leg curls (4 sets)

Squats (4 sets)

Walking lunges

Kerby: James is teaching me lunges and I’m just sitting there looking at him like, “I’m ready to puke.”

Will James’ first workout prove to be too much for Kerby? Will he have to puke in the gym trash can? Watch the full episode above to find out.

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