Games to Gains: Episode 4

June 3, 2018

Games to Gains Episode 4

Kerby survived week 1 of his muscle mass transformation, but is week 2 going to be the one that crushes him? Here’s a recap of Episode 4 of Games to Gains:

James starts off by talking about Kerby’s nutrition plan.

“The first week, I asked Kerby to journal all his food. I need to make sure he’s eating the right things. We come in to the office on Monday, we’re training, and I find out he hasn’t been keeping a journal.”

Kerby: I forgot to log my food.
James: Dude, come on man!
Kerby: I’m sorry! I’m really sorry.
James: It’s just as important as you and I going out to the gym.
Kerby: Right.
James: So if you don’t log it, I’m not gonna work out with you. That’s how important it is. Alright?
Kerby: Alright.
James: You will not get to where you want to go if you don’t follow the nutrition plan. No matter how hard you work out. That’s why I’m putting such an emphasis on it.

After the brief lecture, James and Kerby head out to the BPI gym for leg day. Even though it’s only been several days, James notices a difference.

“I was really impressed because I could see a noticeable improvement from the previous week, his first leg workout, and this one. He seemed to be stronger, more sure footed and his coordination was better.”

The next day, James puts Kerby’s newfound knowledge to the test and sends him out to do Tuesday’s shoulder workout on his own.

“He’ll do alright. I think one of the best things for him is going to be referencing our videos on his phone. Once he gets the basic technique down, I can start pushing him harder, but he doesn’t have that basic coordination, so I need to get his core strength up.”

Has Kerby been following James’ advice from last week about doing his planks every night? Watch the full episode above to find out.

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