Games to Gains: Episode 5

June 10, 2018

Games to Gains

In Episode 5 of Game to Gains, Kerby endures his third leg workout, learns why he’s taking each of the supplements James recommended from Team BPI athlete, Tyrone Bell, and gets in his very first back workout with James Grage. But first, they take a drive to the gym:

James: Alright Kerby, I gotta ask you.
Kerby: Ya, what’s up?
James: What happened to your car? You asked for a ride to the gym and I didn’t even ask you why.
Kerby: My car is overheating. It’s definitely done for. I have to get a new one.

Even though the circumstances weren’t ideal for Kerby, as they drive to the gym, James expresses how nice it was just to have some time to get to know Kerby.

James: Are you homesick?
Kerby: Ya… I’m kind of getting a little homesick.
James: I told you before, one of the best things I ever did was moving away. Moving away from family and friends is hard, but if you want to stretch yourself, you have to take yourself out of your comfort zone. It’s the same thing I tell you with weight training, right? If you want to grow, you have to stretch yourself. You gotta look at it that way. Even though it’s hard to be away from your family and friends, that’s what’s gonna make you grow.

At the end, James has yet another challenge for Kerby to help him grow: staying on track means more than keeping up with his training and his nutrition – he needs to apply the same energy and dedication to his work at BPI Sports. After all, that’s what really brought him down to South Florida. Does he have the determination to handle it all?

James: If he drops the ball in there, then that’s going to be the end of what we do in the gym.

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