Games to Gains: Episode 6

June 17, 2018

Games to Gains 6

Last week on Games to Gains, James Grage laid down an ultimatum for Kerby: if he can’t keep up with his work responsibilities at BPI Sports, their training sessions are over. Will Kerby’s opportunity end even before he reaches his 19th birthday? Or will he exceed James’ expectations?

James: There are a lot of people who don’t think that you can gain 20 lbs. of muscle!
Kerby: I know! I’ve even heard some doubters around the office!
James: And how do you feel about those haters, Kerby?
Kerby: I’m ready to prove them wrong!
James: It’s gonna get to the point where you’re going to have the technique down. Each week I’m sure you feel it. Your form is getting better and better. So my concern is gonna be less about your technique and more about your ability to push yourself hard. The intensity that you feel out there? If we were playing video games, this would be Level 1. So if you and I are about to step it up in our workouts, that means when I’m not around – because there are gonna be those times where I’m not gonna be able to work out with you – you have to be able to maintain that same level of intensity. My job in there is not to be the person that’s always pushing you, it’s my job to push you until you realize what you’re capable of and you learn how to push yourself.
Kerby: I like that.

Kerby seems prepared for the next step, but how far has he already come? It’s time to find out if Kerby has made any progress in his first month of training with James – it’s weigh in day!

After starting at just 132 lbs., Kerby steps on the scale. Did he stay the same weight? Did he gain weight? Watch the full video above to find out!

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