This episode of Games to Gains starts off in James Grage’s kitchen where Kerby is learning how to cook.

James: This is the first time you’ve ever cooked vegetables?
Kerby: Well, this is the first time I’ve ever cut raw vegetables.
James: The first time you’ve ever chopped them.
Kerby: Ya.
James: You look like a pro, dude. Well… maybe not like a pro, but you’re doing alright.

The more time that he spends with James, the more Kerby is starting to feel like South Florida is his home. And the more James is starting to care about Kerby’s overall well-being.

James: So today was shoulder day in the gym and Kerby kind of had a long face.
Kerby: When I moved down here, I met a nice couple through Airbnb and I’ve been living with them ever since then. They’ve basically been my family down here. The husband is the roommate that’s been letting me borrow his car to take to and from work. But now he actually moved out and left, so…
James: One, now Kerby doesn’t have a car anymore, so he’s back to Uber. And two, it puts him in a situation where he probably has to find a new place to live again. Kerby’s on a bit of a rollercoaster. He’s got a lot of great things going for him, but for every great thing he’s got, he’s got some hurdles he’s got to work through.
Kerby: Things keep getting thrown in my path, and I keep having to overcome them, but I’m not gonna let it get to me. This is where I’m supposed to be and I’m not gonna give up.

Despite everything going on in his life, will Kerby be able to stick with his training schedule? Watch the full episode above to find out.

Games to Gains season 2