Games to Gains: Episode 10

July 15, 2018

This episode of Games to Gains begins at the BPI Sports 1.M.R™ launch event at The Gym on Fort Lauderdale Beach. James Grage brings Kerby along to get a biceps and triceps workout in. Then they hit the Ocean Blvd. strip to find something to eat.

James: Kerby, did you eat two chicken breasts?
Kerby: You know, I’ve never eaten two chicken breasts together at the same time. After I finished the first one, I was feeling full, but at the office they told me that if I ever feel full, I just have to keep eating.
James: So that’s a first?
Kerby: That’s a first. That’s a lot of food!
James: It’s a big step. That’s a big mile marker for Kerby.

Back at the office on Monday, James finds out that he and Kerby will have a special guest joining them at the gym – Mike Taylor, the “man behind the camera.”

James: When you hear that voice behind the camera and you’re thinking, “I like that guy! Who is that guy?!”
Mike: That’s me, man.
James: So Mike, I hear you’re working out with us today.
Mike: We’re doing legs today, right?
James: We’re doing legs.
Mike: Nice, I’m in there.
James: So are you in it to win it?
Mike: Definitely in it to win it. Kerby inspired me, man.
James: Does this mean you’re making a commitment to the camera, right here, right now? Are you feeling the pressure?
Mike: I am! Now I gotta get out there and kill it bro, cuz I can’t have Kerby out there outworking my legs. Look at his skinny legs and look at mine! I gotta do something out there.

Will Mike be able to keep up with James and Kerby? Watch the full episode above to find out.

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