Games to Gains: Episode 13

August 5, 2018

On the last episode of Games to Gains, James Grage discovered that Kerby Fortner was missing some of his meals. As a result, he hadn’t put on any muscle at his second weigh in. Now, it’s time to figure out what to do about it.

James: We figured out what your punishment is.
Kerby: What?
James: You’re doing a HIIT workout with Annik.
Kerby: Oh man… okay, I accept it.
James: You accept it?
Kerby: Of course.
James: Alright, so that’s the punishment. You’ll never want to miss another meal after this, I promise you.
Mike T: You know what the best part of this whole thing is?
Annik: What?
Mike T: That I ain’t gotta do this one. (laughing)
Annik: I think you should! I think you should just man up and be supportive.
Mike T: No, this is between you and Kerby.
Annik: No this is between Kerby and Kerby. I could do this with my eyes closed. I’m not the one who’s gonna be puking.
James: Alright, Saturday. Mark your calendar.

On Saturday, James, Mike T and Annik are all at James’ house, ready for the HIIT workout, but where is Kerby? Has he wimped out?

Mike T: You late, bro!
Kerby: I know, man.
James: We were starting to think that you got scared and ran away.
Kerby: I don’t know why I had the time 11:30 stuck in my head.
James: It was 11:00. You know why it sucks for you?
Kerby: Why?
James: Cuz now you made Annik mad.
Annik: Ya! We were supposed to start at 11:00. My pre-workout is starting to wear off and that makes me angry. You’re about to die, let’s go.

Will Kerby survive Annik’s anger-fueled HIIT workout? Will he learn his lesson? Watch the full video above to find out.

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