Protein powder is a convenient and healthy way to get all the protein you need on a daily basis, since it’s not always easy to sit down and indulge in a perfectly balanced meal. If you regularly exercise or are looking to get in better shape, you probably know by now why you’re taking protein powder and how it’s going to help you achieve your fitness goals. But do you actually know how quality whey protein is made?

1. Quality Whey Protein Starts With Quality Milk

Before formulation and science, quality protein starts with nature. More specifically with cows raised in local dairy farms. For BPI Sports, that’s in Wisconsin– America’s Dairy Land. Our (other) four-legged friends are proudly raised from birth, because happy cows produce high quality milk. Don’t believe us? Just ask a farmer!

Every day, fresh dairy is transported to one of the local cheese manufacturers, then separated into curds and whey. The curds are destined to become cheese while the leftover liquid becomes whey.

2. Natural, Cold-Temperature Filtration Makes All the Difference

After the liquid whey is transported to a protein manufacturing facility, it first goes through the pasteurization process, then filtration. Did you know it takes filtering through 720 lbs of raw liquid whey to get only one 5 lbs container of finished protein powder?

BPI Sports’ filtration process starts by sending the raw product through an endless web of stainless steel tubing that’s uniquely fitted with ceramic filters. This natural, cold-temperature filtration system separates the protein from the fats and the lactose, for a high quality protein while ensuring healthy micro-nutrients are kept.

Other companies may use the ion exchange process; which means harsh chemicals are used, reducing reduce micronutrients and denaturing the protein.

3. Liquid and Solid Separation

Next up, the liquid whey is pumped into a dryer where it’s mixed with hot and cold air separating the liquid from the solids. BPI Sports’ end product is 90% whey isolate powder. The quality is verified for protein content before being bagged in its raw form, and blended into the finished protein powder you know.

4. Introducing Delicious Flavor

All individual ingredients are weighed plus measured, and gourmet flavors are added into the mixture. Think delicious Chocolate Brownie or Vanilla Caramel! Next, everything goes into a massive, high-speed blender to ensure uniformity. Giant bags are then filled and taken over to bottling.

5. Bottling and Quality Assurance

Before bottling BPI Sports’ whey protein powder, our bottles are sanitized then filled with our quality supplement. Next, the bottles are weighed and quality-checked to ensure every bottle has what the label states. Immediately after, the BPI Sports label is placed, the bottle is sealed for freshness and loaded in cases, almost ready for delivery.

But before the finished product leaves the manufacturing plant, the protein powder is tested in the lab at random to ensure the protein content is exactly what it’s supposed to be. Then it’s compared to a control sample for consistency in flavor, color and density.

6. ChromaDex® Verification

To ensure BPI Sports delivers the best whey protein powder around, we work with ChromaDex®. As one of the most respected names in sports nutrition, this independent third-party provides verification for protein spiking, quality ingredients, contaminant testing, identity testing, and final product testing. We want to be certain our product meets the BPI standard.