Improving Your Swing with Proper Posture

June 16, 2017

Mylene Forget golf swing

In honor of the 117th U.S. Open continuing this weekend, we put together a little something for all our golfers out there. Find out how to improve your swing from Mylene Forget, a golf professional and Titleist Performance Institute certified fitness instructor:

Greetings, fellow golfers! ‘Tis the season, as we are going into the summer months. I thought I’d help you get your golf season off to a solid start with a few tips on how to maintain a good posture. There are so many reasons why this should be the first thing you start working on before hitting the links this summer.

A proper set up is your foundation to building a strong swing, so before making any swing changes this season, make sure you have these four key components.

    1. Keep your feet shoulder width apart with the weight over the balls of your feet. Make sure your body weight is evenly distributed. You want to feel like you’re leaning forward and if someone tried to push you back, you wouldn’t move. STAY GROUNDED!
    2. Keep a slight knee bend. Don’t squat; simply unlock your knees comfortably. As in any sport, don’t lock the knees either, always keep that slight knee bend.

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  1. Let your arms hang freely from your shoulders. Make sure to especially relax your right elbow so that there is no tension in the right arm or grip. You can even give your right elbow a little wiggle before you start the swing, this will help it relax.
  2. Maintain a flat spine angle. This is not the easiest thing to do so try and bend from the hips vs. bending from the waist. Bending from the waist will promote slouching. Three things to remember here: hips need to be out, shoulders, back and chin up. A good trick that helps with achieving this is to pretend that you have a tennis ball tucked underneath your chin. Another trick that I like to use with my students is to have them hold a golf club on their back. If you are flexible enough to try this, place the club on your back and try and have the back of the head, the middle of the back and the butt all touching the club. Look down at the ball with your eyes and not with your head.

Mylene Forget posture

If you follow these four tips and spend a little extra time on the range building that muscle memory, I guarantee you’ll have your best summer of golf yet. Feel free to e-mail me at with any questions or comments. You can also find me on Instagram @golfitchick and Facebook at Breakthroughgolf.


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