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James Grage: Mission Shred – Episode 5

September 4, 2018

Gold's Gym Venice

This week, James Grage takes a trip out to LA to catch a workout with Ms. Bikini Olympia, Courtney King, and her boyfriend, Steve Cook. The trio meet at Gold’s Gym Venice, the mecca for bodybuilders, to work shoulders.

Here’s the routine:

Scott Press – 4×15
a. Wide-grip Upright Row – 4×15
b. Side Laterals – 4×15
Reverse Fly – 4×15
Machine Reverse Fly – 4×15

As they work out, Steve and James discuss their nutrition plans:

Steve: If I’m not counting my macros or structuring my meals, I’ll go way too long without getting my protein.
James: Ya, when I diet it actually makes me more disciplined with my eating so I eat a whole lot better.
Steve: You eat more!
James: Ya, I’ll eat way more calories. That’s why, the first couple weeks was just building my metabolism. I’m a believer in carbs. Even when I cut carbs, I’ll still get a gram per pound of lean body mass on my low-carb days. So that’s 175g and then 350g on a high-carb day.
Steve: Mine’s 450, 325 and my low is 200.
Courtney: My high-carb day is like their low-carb day. My extra-high day!

As they’re about to leave, the group runs into Regan Grimes, another IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and Jason Poston, an IFBB Physique Pro. When you come work out at Gold’s Gym Venice, you’re bound to run into someone within the bodybuilding industry.

After his workout, James takes Mike to the famous Firehouse Restaurant. The menu is specifically designed for bodybuilders, as it’s a tradition for athletes to come eat here after working out at Gold’s Gym. James orders a ground turkey patty, egg whites and white rice. Standard.

The two close out their evening skateboarding along the Venice Beach boardwalk and enjoying the west coast sunset.

James: I’m a very fortunate guy.

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