James Grage's Carb Cycling Transformation

May 31, 2016

James Grage's carb cycling transformation

BPI Sports co-founder James Grage shares his 4-week, carb cycling transformation video, taking us on his journey through the diet where he rotates his nutrition from three low-carb days to three high-carb days. His fitness goals? Getting his abs back and getting a bit leaner. His videos include a downloadable PDF of his carb cycling plan so you can follow his journey closely.

In week one, the BPI Sports fitness expert discusses his training routine, advising to start with heavier weights first and dropping the weight later on to feel a better burn when squeezing for contraction. You’ll see James work out his back, traps and lats while he shares his passion and love for fitness. For James, what he likes most about training is testing yourself, pushing your limits and seeing what you’re made of. “Less ego, more muscle,” as he says.

In week two, James touches upon the difference between supplementing with BCAAs versus protein powder. We get a sneak peek into his snacking habits (he favors almonds during low-carb days) and offers advice that’s true both in life and in fitness. For James, “There’s no such thing as standing still. You either climb up or slide down.

The third installment features chest, shoulders and triceps workouts, as well as more isolation exercises. James also shares the newest BPI Sports supplement, the first ever ketogenic pre-workout designed to utilize fat for fuel for more strength and better performance. He performs a few different variations on old favorites, like the cable crossover, to engage more of his chest, as well as a dumbbell fly press combination. Week 3 also finds James in Boise, Idaho at Bodybuilding.com headquarters.

Finally, James reveals his carb cycling transformation, showing off more defined abs and a leaner upper body.

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