The Comparison Game

May 19, 2017

kris drew comparison game

Our final contributor for Women’s Health Week is an on-air wellness expert and life coach who uses her passion for health and fitness to help others reach their goals. Read on to find out what Kris Drew had to say about the unrealistic standards social media is placing on today’s women:

I can’t be alone in the comparison game – especially in the social media heavy world we live in these days. When I first became extremely passionate about health and wellness there was no Instagram. It was just me, my workout, and the thoughts in my head – solo time really. It was so therapeutic to go into the gym, leave my phone in the locker, and just get in some really good “me” time.

Then came the wave of social media madness – Instagram, Snapchat, Instagram Stories, Facebook check-ins… the list goes on and on.

All of a sudden I was obsessively checking Instagram for fitness girls to follow, planning what workout videos I could do, pinning spandex I needed to buy to look cute in photos, checking in so people would know that I was working out… I was rehearsing Boomerangs that made me look fit, ordering smoothie bowls that were photogenic, and don’t even get me started on the hair. I’m actually exhausted just typing all of this.

kris drew

Why do it then? The reason is silly but, it’s hard not to when I’m constantly bombarded with “fitspo” on social media. It’s hard not to compare yourself to girls in perfect workout outfits with abs for days and hair braided up just right. These girls are inspiring for a reason: they put a lot of work into their photos – but that’s just not real life for me.

Real life is rushing to a workout in all black spandex because that’s the easiest thing to pull out of my closet and put together. Real life is my hair in a messy bun, hiding under a hat. Real life is smoothies in a to-go cup, because who has the time to make them look aesthetically pleasing when you’re running out the door in the morning? Real life is no makeup at the gym because I want to sweat my ass off and not worry about my face breaking out. Real life is having a day where I’m bloated and can’t even find my abs, let alone post a picture of them.

Real life is just that: real… dirty… messy… not always aesthetically pleasing. Real life is remembering that the girls who look perfect in photos aren’t perfect – even if they did find the perfect filter.

It’s hard not to do the comparison game, but sometimes you just have to stay off of the playground for the day. My advice? Leave your phone in the car and focus on getting an amazing workout.

More about Kris:
Kris Drew is a morning person, a dessert fanatic and an avid reader who loves to cook and will try any workout once. She grew up on a peanut farm in southeastern Virginia, but has since moved to LA with her boyfriend and their Yorkie, Tank. Find her working out at BRICK LA, on Instagram @thefitbutler and at

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