An Easier Way to Supplement

October 17, 2017

liquid water enhancers

If you’ve ever tried to pour a powdered supplement directly from the scoop into your water bottle, you know it can get pretty messy. Or maybe you’ve tried to turn a post-it note into a funnel? Either way, you probably ended up with more on the floor or counter than you did in the bottle.

We’re happy to announce, we’ve developed an easier way to supplement. That’s right, our latest and greatest innovation is here! (drum roll, please) Introducing, the new line of liquid water enhancers!

liquid water enhancers

Each of these delicious flavor boosters was designed to simplify your supplements. Just squeeze and go! No, really. Pop the top, squirt the liquid into your water bottle, and you’re done. Keep one in your purse, your pocket, your gym bag, your car… any time you want to enhance your existing supplement regimen, liquid water enhancers are ready to go.

You’re already drinking water throughout the day. Why not make it even easier to drink by adding a delicious squirt of your favorite supplement? Liquid water enhancers can help you get your recommended water intake AND help you work towards your goals. While they are not meant to replace what you’re already taking, each supplement enhances your existing regimen. Here’s how:

Best Aminos

Best Aminos™ liquid water enhancer can help support performance, lean muscle building and recovery. This ready-to-go supplement is a blend of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) that increase protein synthesis to help you build muscle, preserve the muscle mass you already have and promote recovery.

BCAAs can be taken any time of day, but we recommend before, during and after your workout.

Best Energy

Best Energy™ combines caffeine, citrulline, taurine and agmatine sulfate to help increase your energy and focus. With just 25mg of caffeine per squeeze, Best Energy™ provides a quick, clean burst of energy and clarity, without the shakes or jitters.

Best Energy™ can be used as a low-stim pre-workout or any time you need a pick-me-up.


Carnitine works as a fat transporter, taking freed up fat cells to the mitochondria where they are burned for energy. This extra energy may help boost your performance in the gym.

Carnitine is best taken with a carb-heavy, post-workout meal.


Garcinia Cambogia is a native fruit of Indonesia, Asia and Africa. Traditionally, it has been used to make meals more filling. Add Garcinia liquid water enhancer to your water to help support your weight loss efforts.

We recommend taking Garcinia 30-60 minutes before each meal.

liquid water enhancers

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