September competitors

Competing on the big stage takes hard work and dedication. We’re proud to present our ambassadors, demo reps, NPC reps and campus reps that competed in the month of September:

Alex Gaucin

On September 10, Alex made his dreams come true by stepping on stage at the NPC Heart of Texas Championships. He placed third in his novice division.

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Alex Jamal

In the Mr. Olympia amateur division, Alex took 15th out of 27.

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Corey Linder

Qualifying for his pro card, Corey placed first overall in Classic Physique at the WFF LP Classic in Huntington Beach, CA. Congrats, Corey!

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Devon Tillman

Devon competed in the NPC Desert Storm show on Sept. 22-23.

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James Manley

Missing his pro card by only one place, James placed third in MP class B.

Katie McNally

At the NPC Pride of the Midwest in Kenosha, WI, Katie won the Novice Open Class B and the overall! Congrats, Katie!

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Krysten Wondrack

Krysten participated in the North Americans in Pittsburgh, PA and took ninth out of 34 women in Bikini B.

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Lynsay Brown

At the Ruby Championships in Boca Raton, FL, Lynsay won her class, Bikini C. Congrats, Lynsay!

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Robin Hammond

Robin competed at the Ohio State Championships, placing second in the open division and winning her Masters class! Congrats, Robin!

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Zack Palmisano

On Sept. 4, Zack won first place at the Muscle Beach Championships for Classic Physique short. Congrats, Zack!