The Titan Tells All: Mike O’Hearn Spills His Secrets to Success

August 13, 2020

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In honor of our new partnership with the legendary Mike O’Hearn, we sat down with the Titan himself to get the inside scoop on his success. He tells us what it takes to be a Titan and how to make your success last a lifetime.

Jumpstart your Joint Health

He’s not talking to the older generation on this one. According to Mike, protecting and taking care of his joints from a young age is one of the key reasons he’s been so successful for so long.

“The reason why I’ve been able to stay in the industry for as long as I have is because I’ve always taken care of my joints. I didn’t wait until I was 30 or 40 years old to do this, I was taking care of it in my teens and in my early 20s. Just go back to the reason you want to do health and fitness is so you can have this incredible physique or strength for a lifetime, not just for a short period of time. Start this stuff in your young ages.”

Start a Skincare Routine

While skincare might not always cross your mind while you’re in the gym, it can be a game changer for your physique. According to Mike, healthy skin has played a big role in his success in both the bodybuilding and entertainment industries.

"I hope that you start at a young age taking care of your skin. No matter what age you are, the skin is the largest organ that you have and that’s something that needs to be taken care of. Something I’ve always taken care of is my skin. I understand that I want to do this for a lifetime, not just have a short career, and that skin is the number one thing that they see. Everybody sees that. When you’re one the cover of magazines or in a movie or TV show - it’s that skin. Healthy skin is really the most important thing because that’s the first thing everybody sees."

Take a Testosterone Booster Pre-Workout

Making sure your body has enough energy to fuel your workout is essential. According to Mike, a testosterone booster is a simple way to help keep you going strong from your first rep to your last. Plus, it can even improve your performance out of the gym too.

“When I get ready for a workout the one thing I want to do is make sure that I am extra strong. Is it the meal, the carbohydrates? Well, I can’t always have that. So if I don’t have that, where am I going to get that extra strength? Well, obviously a testosterone builder will do that for you. It also raises up your libido a little bit and you might like that.”

Surround Yourself with People you Trust

According to Mike, it’s important to find and partner with people who closely align with your character and interests — especially when you’re starting a new journey. So when he chose to partner with BPI Sports for his new Titan Series line, we were honored.

“When I said, 'I’m going to make my own line of products and I want somebody who does it and doesn’t short change me or the people out there,' there was no other choice, it was BPI.”

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Check out all of Mike O’Hearn's favorite products in the Titan Series Super Stack. Pump Formula can help you workout harder for longer, Muscle and Joint Fix can help you recover faster, and Test Booster can help you perform at your best in and out of the gym.*

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