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June 15, 2016

ultimate back exercises

When you work out your back, you probably automatically think of rows and pulldowns. Here, we provide some alternative lat exercises you might have been missing out on to improve muscle definition and increase mass.

Try the single arm long-bar row

This one is a twist on the single arm dumbbell row. The exercise uses a barbell anchored at one end into a landmine hosel which will allow you to get larger range of motion and add more weights easily. Set up so that the barbell is by your side, not perpendicular to you. With your chest up and back flat, bend over and grab the bar near the collar with a neutral grip. Pull your elbow as high as possible and don’t twist your body.

single arm long-bar row

Try the negative pull-up

In this back exercise, you focus on the eccentric instead of the concentric. Resisting the negative during the actual workout is what gives you the powerful contraction to the lat fibers, encouraging muscle growth. People are typically stronger in the eccentric movement, so you should be able to work these muscles until failure. For proper form, position a stool so you can jump back to top position and take your time lowering yourself going very slowly and with controlled movements. End your set when you can’t control lowering yourself anymore. Keep concentrating on your descent for best results.

Kneeling isolateral cable pull-down

Position yourself on your knees between two upper pulleys like a cable-crossover machine. There’s not a lot of weight involved in this back exercise, but it’s a great pumping movement for your lats. The cables should be in the top positions but take off the handles since you won’t be using them. Take the right cable in your right hand and the left cable in the left hand.

Drop to your knees while keeping your torso and chest up. Rotate your hands so that your grip is slightly underhand. Smoothly drive your elbows into your sides, squeezing your lats into that contracted position. Make sure you’re positioned midway and in line with the cables so that you don’t have a heavier side.

Single arm cable row

Replace the close-grip handle bar with a D-handle so you work out every side individually. Besides greater range of motion, you’ll also be able to explore various grip options such as overhand or turning it up as you pull. Sit just like you would while performing a seated cable row with knees bent and back slightly arched. Grab the handle, pull as far as possible without twisting your body or changing form. Retract your shoulder blade and give your middle-back a squeeze before going back to the first position.

With so many different muscles – from upper and outer lats to middle back and traps – building mass around your back can be challenging. It takes proper form, dedication, and rep after rep after rep of hard work. Working out your back takes great mind-muscle connection too, so truly focus on the task at hand. BPI Sports’ newest pre-workout 1.M.R™ can support your efforts and have you dialed in so you can push through without distractions.

1.M.R™ will have your muscles pumped to the max, mentally focused and dialed in, maximizing every single effort you make when you train. Think over the top energy and stamina. It doesn’t just step up your endurance; the extra-strength, ultra concentrated 1.M.R™ pushes you to go past your own limits, taking you to that next level where real transformations happen.

1.M.R Vortex pre workout

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