The Top Social Workouts & Their Benefits

February 20, 2018

social workouts

Taking on physical challenges with friends and strangers can lead to a whole new world of health benefits. Whether it be a group workout class or an obstacle race, social workouts present opportunities to mix up your training and meet people. Training to complete a challenge can be motivating and the fact that you are competing or working out alongside friends means you are more likely to push yourself to achieve your goal. Plus, you get to post a lot of cool pictures in your feeds and meet new friends who share a common interest in fitness.

Here’s a list of the top social workouts, classes and challenges you can use to mix it up and add some more fun to your routine:


CrossFitters are really big on community. They share workouts. They share scores. They share accomplishments and motivation. All this sharing has resulted in CrossFit leading the trends for social workouts. Sharing CrossFit stories and accomplishments on social media allows athletes to get positive reinforcement. If you have ever been to a CrossFit gym, one refreshing thing you’ll notice is the positive atmosphere the people and trainers promote. When your CrossFit friends are pushing themselves, it can motivate you. It also gives you the opportunity to congratulate them, encourage them and just enjoy the social vibe.


Orange headbands, electric fences, people covered in mud and pictures that tell tales of struggle and accomplishment— the Tough Mudder is the obstacle course that helped propel the social workout movement. The event now has races all across the world. It consists of a 10 or 12-mile course over 20 imaginative obstacles. Some of the most talked about impediments include a plunge into ice water, a precarious run through live wires and giant swinging balls that can knock you on your butt. The course is tough, thus the name, and less than 80 percent of people who try it accomplish the task. This is why completing the course with your team can leave you with a feeling of accomplishment, self-satisfaction and comradery.


This is essentially a workout class for people who would never take a workout class. At Orangetheory, instructors are always switching up the 55-minute routines, so every time you go in it’s another workout adventure. Expect sessions to include some combination of treadmill, weight training, body weight exercises, TRX moves and indoor rowing. The instructors make every effort to personalize the classes and keep you engaged. Since each workout is different, people get together after class to discuss the routine, the instructors and their own fitness goals.


With a big focus on fun, the Color Run is as creative as it gets when it comes to working out in groups. Now the largest running series in the world, the Color Run can be experienced worldwide and has had over 6 million participants to date. The color run is a 5k with only two rules: start clean, finish covered in colors. Bring your friends along and have a blast.


If you like to “Zen out” while you exercise, yoga class is where you will find like-minded souls. One great thing about yoga is the fact that the studios are usually judgement-free zones. Instructors provide positive reinforcement and encouragement for people at all levels. Conversations after class are often focused on clean eating, meditation, yoga techniques and hydration. Being around people with similar fitness goals can be encouraging. Yoga is a fantastic way to increase your flexibility, stamina and strength. Plus, it’s great way to meet people who, like you, are putting in the effort to improve themselves and their daily mood.

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