whey HD

Recently, Muscle & Performance magazine ran this article on the benefits of whey protein blends, featuring Whey HD™:

Every hard-training man or woman seeks the best results from his or her efforts in the gym, and protein is an integral part of attaining those results. Protein is a critical component to muscle growth, maintenance, and muscle repair and recovery, and it also has a huge impact on strength and performance.

Manufacturers offer athletes protein powder formulas that aim to help them with specific goals – replenishing glycogen quickly after exercise, for example, or supplying muscles with aminos slowly overnight. Various protein sources offer differing absorption rates: whey protein isolate is absorbed quickly, promoting rapid protein synthesis, replenishing glycogen stores and decreasing muscle-protein breakdown; casein digests slowly, feeding muscles aminos over a longer period of time (such as when you go several hours without eating).

Now, there’s a growing body of research that suggests blended proteins can fulfill most of your post-workout nutrition needs and that combining fast-digesting whey protein isolate with a slow-digesting casein protein (including that derived from milk protein concentrate) is better than just whey alone. Recent studies have shown that blends using whey and casein are as effective in stimulating muscle-protein synthesis as whey alone. Additionally, a blend was shown to keep protein synthesis going for up to four hours postworkout.

How does a protein blend help you refuel and recover? Intense training leads to muscle damage and breakdown, and creates a need for replenishment. If adequate nutrition is provided during the anabolic window immediately after training (between 25 and 50 grams of high-quality blended protein within 30 minutes postworkout), the body goes into a hyper-anabolic state. Refueling with a blend of fast- and slow-digesting proteins immediately after training exploits and extends this window, leading to a heightened protein synthesis, faster recovery and increased muscle growth.

BPI Sports knows this, and that’s why they developed Whey HD™ a protein blend designed to offer a quick and sustained release of amino acids to increase muscle protein synthesis, build lean muscle and help with recovery.

Whey HD™ is a blend of whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, milk protein isolate and milk protein concentrate. Although many whey protein powders have excess fillers, fats and carbohydrates, Whey HD™ is made of quality ingredients with zero fillers. It also includes a unique enzyme formulation that supports the digestion of protein, and each serving of Whey HD™ delivers 25 grams of protein for only 150 calories. The formula also delivers 5 grams of branched-chain amino acids per serving – all-important aminos in the muscle-building process.

Whey HD™ is a highly versatile protein, which means you can use it postworkout, as a meal replacement or between meals. The different types of protein it includes makes it the perfect protein to bake with, since it provides a smooth consistency for shakes, smoothies, pancakes and muffins. Flavors include Chocolate Cookie, Snickerdoodle, Peanut Butter Ice Cream Bar and Strawberry Cake. You can find it at Vitamin Shoppe stores nationwide and at VitaminShoppe.com.

Pure Protein Guarantee

The price of protein has risen in recent years so, to increase profits, some manufacturers misrepresent the protein content in their products. It’s called “protein spiking,” and instead of putting the full amount of protein in the product as stated on the label, companies deliberately come up short, making up the difference with cheap amino acids and other nonprotein ingredients. Until now, consumers haven’t been the wiser. However, third-party testing by a company like ChromaDex® ensures that your protein is free of nitrogen-spiking ingredients such as cheaper amino acids. The company’s testing program ensures that any protein product with the ChromaDex® Quality Verified Seal has been examined for the type and quality of its protein, as well as for the existence of contaminants. Says James Grage, cofounder and Vice President of BPI Sports, “You as a consumer will no longer have to guess whether you’re getting a quality protein product or one that’s been spiked with subpar ingredients,” and he adds that the seal is on all BPI products.