This Supplement Could Help You Win $1000

April 13, 2017

win $1000 in 6-Pack U contest

For those of you participating in our 6-Pack University Best Abs contest, time is almost up! Only two more weeks to sculpt those washboard abs for a chance to win $1000!

As explained in our 12-week program, there are four steps to get a winning six pack.

  1. Determine your lean body mass with the included body fat calculator kit and customize your carb-cycling nutrition plan.
  2. Maximize your lean body definition by following the step-by-step nutrition and supplementation program.
  3. Shed that extra body fat with the fat-melting cardio program.
  4. Sculpt your six pack with the included ab workout plan.

If you’ve been following the program, but want one more way to get a leg up, try adding Best Creatine Defined™ to your supplement regimen.

In general, creatine is a beneficial addition for any athlete looking to increase strength and muscle size while getting lean. Creatine is a partitioning agent that increases the amount of nutrients and calories that go towards your muscle cells as opposed to fat storage. Best Creatine Defined™ goes one step further with the addition of a Defining & Hardening Agent. By pushing nutrients into the muscles, you see and feel an increase in cellular volumization and get that full, dry, hardened look.

On a diet, many athletes feel like they look “flat” or “depleted.” Best Creatine Defined™ helps combat that, but also doesn’t add water weight. It was specifically formulated so users will not feel bloated or retain “puffy” water weight. Plus, it requires zero loading.

To reap the benefits of creatine and help reveal your sculpted six pack, we recommend taking two scoops per day. Take the first scoop prior to your weight training session to increase strength, pump and performance. Take your second scoop after your workout to help utilize the nutrients in your post-workout meal, build muscle and improve recovery.

Make these last two weeks your best and you could win $1000! Good luck!

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