Authentic Product Verification

Are you questioning the authenticity of a BPI Sports that you just purchased? Let us check out the product for you. Please enter the lot # and expiration date provided on the container to verify authenticity.

Your product is authentic!

The information you have provided matches our database as:

We have verified that the information you have provided matches our database and you should have an authentic BPI Sports product.

Hmm, something isn’t right…

We can not seem to be able to verify [lot #], Please double check your information and click here to try again. If you arrive to this page again, it is likely that you have a counterfeit product. Please contact our team so we can assist you with it.

Product Authentication Tips

New Packaging With Chrome Lids

All of our products now have a new look! Our products now come in a black bottle with a wrapped label and a gunmetal chrome lid. All authentic products will come with gunmetal chrome lids that have a raised BPI Sports logo on them. These lids will not contain a neckband like our old packaging.

Please keep in mind that our old packaging (white bottles, white lids, and neckbands) are still in distribution. Products in the older packaging are still authentic, as long as they are bought from our website or from a reputable retail partner. If you are unsure of the authenticity of your product, please use our checker above to make sure that you have received an original BPI Sports product.

Label & Flavor

Each of our products will be labeled with the product name and the flavor. In addition, each of our whey proteins will come with a special Quality Tested seal on the front panel. Some counterfeit products may pass our authenticity checker but the flavors will not match what we sell. To confirm that your product is indeed authentic, we recommend checking the flavor of your product with the flavors sold on our website. If they do not match, please contact us immediately at

Lot # & Expiration Dates

Each authentic BPI Sports product will have a lot number and an expiration date printed on it. Depending on the product, these codes may be printed on the bottom of the container, on the label itself, or directly on the bottle above the label. Each product sku contains its very own lot number for verification purposes.

Vacuum Seal

Quality is important to us so each product will come with a special vacuum seal. This vacuum seal will have our BPI Sports logo repeatedly stamped all over it and should be present whenever you open a new BPI Sports product. If you do not see a seal, or if it is punctured, please contact us immediately at