Keto Tea

Weight Loss And Energy

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In addition to helping those on a ketogenic or low-carb diet burn fat for energy, Keto Tea supports detox programs, energy and focus. Add this delicious beverage to your regimen to support your weight loss efforts.
Flavor: Iced Tea


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Comprehensive Keto Support

Formulated with BHBs, MCTs and herbs to support Ketosis

Often contain singular keto-support ingredients

Supports Metabolism

Three different tea-extracts and milk-thistle provide an added element to keto diets

Focus solely on Keto and neglect other weight-management mechanisms

Energy & Focus Boost

Ingredients help you to feel energized and focused throughout your day

Products often lack an energy component leaving keto dieters feeling tired or sluggish

Delicious Flavored Tea

Enjoy a refreshing and flavorful beverage that supports your goals

Unpleasant taste can deter consistency

Leader in Keto

BPI is seen as a leader in the Ketogenic Market

'Me too' keto products not in synch with the true needs of a Keto lifestyle