Best BCAA Shredded™

Recovery and Weight Loss

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BEST BCAA SHREDDED™ is an amino acid formula with added carnitine and citrulline to help promote performance. When you’re looking to get shredded, Best BCAA SHREDDED™ has you covered. It helps your body burn stored fat for energy to support weight loss, all while decreasing protein catabolism, or breakdown of protein. Citrulline has the potential to improve blood flow and oxygen delivery, keeping your muscles full while enhancing performance so you can train harder, for longer. BEST BCAA SHREDDED™ supports burn fat but preserve lean muscle mass.

Contains advanced form of peptide-bonded Branched Chain Amino Acids, for optimal absorption and utilization.


Flavor: Watermelon Ice



Leucine is the most anabolic amino acid. There's not enough discussion about how important leucine is. The human body is amino acids, right? If you don't watch your leucine content and the protein sources you're eating don't have enough leucine, you will literally lose muscle because lean muscle tissue on our body is composed of amino acids. So what does leucine do? Leucine increases muscle protein synthesis. Muscle protein synthesis is the process where we actually are building muscle. So 24 hours after you train, studies have shown that your muscle protein synthesis, MPS for short, is actually 110% higher. So what do you do the day after you train, and even the day that you do train, drink your essential amino acids and drink your leucine, which is in this product.