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Prostate Support - Men's Health & Wellness (30 Servings)


Prostate Support contains all-natural herbal extracts and antioxidants to help older aged men live a healthier lifestyle.

This high potency formula contains clinically studied ingredients that have been shown to help improve prostate and urinary tract health.

This support may help to reduce frequent urination or the urge nightly urination.

Prostate Support may also help improve the quality of life by improving heart health, supporting healthy blood sugar levels, and reducing inflammation.*

Key Benefits

  • Reduce Frequent Urination:
    If you are over the age of 50 and feel like you are always going to the bathroom or have been waking up in the middle of the night to urinate, you may want to try Prostate Health. Prostate Health is an all-natural supplement that may help improve the urinary tract and urine flow, improving your body’s overall quality of life.*
  • Improve Sexual Performance:
    Prostate Support contains Saw Palmetto Extract and Pine Bark Extract, which may work together to support natural testosterone levels in older men and to increase blood flow.*
  • Heart Health:
    Prostate Support is filled with important vitamins and antioxidants that may help reduce inflammation, improve cholesterol levels, and maintain healthy blood sugar levels in men.*
  • Reduce Hair Loss:
    Saw Palmetto Extract and Pumpkin OIL Extract may help to reduce hair loss in older men.*


High potency Prostate Support may help improve the quality of your life by improving prostate function and supporting a strong urinary track.

Reduce bladder infections and frequent urination with this all-natural herbal and antioxidant supplement.

Prostate support can also help older men in the bedroom by helping to increase sexual libido and blood flow to the most important areas of the body. Prostate Support does it all!*


Saw Palmetto Extract
A popular, all-natural ingredient that may help to improve prostate health and urinary tract function. Saw Palmetto Extract may also help support healthy natural testosterone levels, which tend to decline with age. *

Pumpkin Oil Extract
May help to improve overactive bladder symptoms and promote heart health.*

Pygeum Extract
A popular researched herbal extract that may help improve the urinary tract and improve urine flow. Pygeum Extract may help prevent prostate issues and inflammation.*

Phytosterols (or plant sterols)
Found in cell membranes of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, soybeans, and nuts, phytosterols may help lower cholesterol levels. Phytosterols may work best when paired with a healthy diet and exercise.*

Pine Bark Extract
This herb is filled with antioxidants and is a good source of Vitamin C. Pine Bark Extract may help to increase nitric oxide levels in the body, which may help improve blood flow. Pine Bark Extract may also help fight off free radicals and help to reduce the severity of the common cold.*

Stinging Nettle Extract
A common plant and herb found in the United States, Canada, and Europe, Stinging Nettle Extract may help reduce inflammation.*