Fat Burner

(60 Servings)

ALL-IN-ONE, POTENT FORMULA TO TORCH FAT!*† RoxyLean™ is the ONE. This powerful fat burner was scientifically designed for those looking for extreme weight loss and striving to achieve that lean, shredded physique. WEIGHT LOSS This intense, highly-concentrated, fat burner features a synergistic and powerful mix of ingredients to increase your metabolic rate, for better results.*† APPETITE SUPPORT Besides shredding fat by increasing thermogenesis, this weight loss formula also helps curb your appetite between meals for better appetite control.*† NONSTOP ENERGY No need to worry about “the crash” or “jitters,” RoxyLean™ is designed to provide sustained energy release, turning your body into a fat blasting machine.*† FOCUS & WELL-BEING This fat-burning supplement helps enhance mood, increase focus and mental clarity, for better workouts and productivity throughout your day.*†

Supports Weight Loss

Increased Energy

Increased Focus

Boost Performance


RoxyLean™ is a powerful medi-biological fat burner designed for those who want to drop weight fast.

This one-a-day thermogenic combines the highest-quality, most effective ingredients to control appetite, increase focus, enhance mood and boost metabolism.

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Key ingredients

  • Goldenseal
    This herb is a natural diuretic, eliminating accumulated toxins and water by promoting sweating and urination.

  • Caffeine
    Long-lasting energy paired with enhanced clarity & focus.

  • Yohimbe
    This popular ingredient is well-known for its alpha-2 antagonist and CNS properties. It has been studied that using yohimbe before exercise may promote fat loss.

  • Citrus Lemon
    This natural diuretic helps curb hunger and decrease bloating, giving your weight loss efforts a boost.

  • White Willow
    This natural herb is believed to extend fat burning effects when combined with other ingredients, especially with thermogenic ingredients.

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"My new Best Friend...

roxylean is a medi-biological supplement that enhances your metabolism, focus and mood. It helps me drop pounds and controls my appetite!

- C. Munoz