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Fit woman getting ready for a summer of shred

Summer Shred Stack

BPI's Summer of Shred Bundle has everything you need to get ready for Summer 2022! Featuring our #1 selling supplement, Best BCAA Shredded, is perfect for those looking to shed those extra pounds while maintaining lean muscle. Burn fat for fuel with our #1 option in non-stim weight loss, CLA+Carnitine Shredded. Finish off your beach body with the most popular product of 2022, Shredding Gel. Purchase the bundle today and unlock the BPI Summer of Shred Tank Top.

Shredding Gel™ is an advanced skin-tightening formula designed to improve the firm, toned appearance of the stomach and arms.
By combining, caffeine and palmitoyl carnitine, Shredding Gel™ can help you reveal the chiseled muscles you work so hard for.

CLA + Carnitine Shredded™ builds on our original CLA + Carnitine formula with new ingredients to help boost weight loss efforts, as well as the proven original ingredients. The benefits of this non-stim product are endless, and you can enjoy them all day without worries of stacking with a pre-workout or fat burner.

Best BCAA Shredded™ is a tested and trusted workout supplement that features the branched-chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine, and valine, which work together to support improved performance, lean muscle building, and accelerated muscle recovery.
Plus, thanks to the addition of the popular weight loss ingredients carnitine and grains of paradise, Best BCAA Shredded™ encourages your body to convert fat into energy.

Limited Edition "Summer of Shred" Tank tops are here! Ready to hit the beach in style? Soft, sleek and durable. Grab this exclusive summer time BPI Sports tank top while we they last. Want to unlock one of these shirts for free? Grab the "Summer of Shred" Stack in the Bundles section , add the bundle, GO TO CART, SELECT YOUR SIZE, ADD TO CART. It's that simple.

Claim your free t-shirt by adding the summer tank to your cart and adding the summer of shred stack to your cart.