Do More with Less

Whether you’re new to fitness or an experienced veteran, the number of supplements available can be overwhelming. That’s why we set out to simplify things. With the help of our Science & Medical Advisory Board, as well as input from our Team BPI athletes, we’ve created a revolutionary line of products that can help you reach your goal with fewer supplements. Each formula below is like two or three products in one, so you can do more with less.


Less intensity. More benefits.

1.M.R™ Strength Series is a powerful, 2-in-1 pre-workout and muscle-building formula designed to help you train harder, feel stronger and build more muscle.


Best Aminos™

Now with more sleeve-ripping pumps!

Best Aminos™ Strength Series is a 3-in-1, multifunctional formula that contains a unique blend of key ingredients to help you build lean muscle mass, increase blood flow and optimize recovery.


A-HD™ Ripped

Now with added defining agent.

A-HD™ Ripped is a 2-in-1 natural testosterone booster and defining agent. With improved testosterone levels, men may experience enhanced performance, increased sex drive, lower body fat, improved strength and more lean muscle.


How is the Strength Series Different?

Just because you consume a supplement, doesn’t mean that it fully absorbs in the body. Our Science & Medical Advisory Board tackled this issue by identifying the one-of-a-kind Liposomal Matrix Delivery System™. By bypassing the destructive elements of the gastric system, this cutting-edge delivery system delivers nutrients to the cells faster and more efficiently, enhancing the absorption rates and oral bioavailability of both pills and powder. That’s why it is the anchor of each of these premium products.

Proven Strength

Our athletes didn’t just help us create these products – they approved them!

“I can honestly recommend each of the products in the Strength Series because I’ve taken them myself. If you want to get the same great results by taking fewer products, these multifunctional formulas are for you.” – Whitney Reid

1.M.R™ Strength Series

This powerful, 2-in-1 pre-workout and muscle building formula combines citrulline, carnitine, CDP choline and Yohimbe extract. Take it before your workouts for more energy, muscle-swelling pumps and laser-like focus.


Energy & Performance

Carnitine helps use stored body fat as energy, providing a natural, non-
stimulant energy source.

Increase nitric oxide synthase

Carnitine and citrulline help increase nitric oxide levels, which may increase muscle pumps, endurance and performance.

Promote lean muscle building

With more energy, you can go harder in the gym, helping you make the progress you need to see results.

Improve focus and clarity

Caffeine, CDP choline and Yohimbe all help support cognitive performance.

Best Aminos™ Strength Series

This 3-in-1 formula combines essential amino acids (EAAs), creatine, betaine and citrulline to create a performance-boosting supplement that benefits any athlete or competitor, no matter what their fitness level.


Increase lean muscle mass

EAAs, including the three branched-chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine, may help improve lean muscle building and protein synthesis.

Boost strength & power

Combined, creatine and betaine work synergistically to increase raw
power and strength.

Prevent muscle breakdown

By providing an alternative energy source for your body, amino acids help prevent catabolism.

Increase nitric oxide levels

Citrulline helps promote nitric oxide levels, which may increase muscle pumps, endurance and performance.

A-HD™ RIPPEDStrength Series

As men age, testosterone levels naturally decline. This 2-in-1 test booster and defining agent was created using the purest, most effective, natural ingredients to support natural testosterone levels and minimize estrogen.


Promote lean muscle mass

With healthy testosterone levels and suppressed estrogen, men
can achieve a well-built, chiseled physique.

Support natural testosterone levels

Ingredients in A-HD™ Ripped can help support natural test levels, while minimizing estrogen.

Lower body fat

Studies show that Cucumis Melo may promote healthy glucose metabolism.

Strength & performance

With estrogen-modulating properties, A-HD™ Ripped can be taken to help support performance.


We’re passionate about health and fitness – about being the best versions of ourselves – achieving our own fitness goals and helping you achieve yours.

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