protein spiking

Do you know what’s in your protein? Despite what’s on the label, chances are, you don’t. As the price of whey protein started to go up in the past two to three years, some supplement companies began protein spiking – the non-ethical practice of adding non-protein-related additives to inflate the protein content. So even if the label says 25 grams of protein per scoop, it really may contain as little as five or even zero grams of real protein.

Recently, Muscle & Fitness did an article all about protein spiking – how companies get away with it, why the FDA hasn’t stepped in to stop it, and why consumers should be demanding third-party testing.

“Companies misuse analytical testing every day to make protein that isn’t actually protein look like protein,” says Frank Jaksch, founder and CEO of ChromaDex, an independent, third-party testing lab. “To do it right, you have to use a combination of testing, not just one single test. We do three tests: a bound amino test, a free amino test, and a nitrogen test. Amino acids in protein are bound, so if we run a free amino acid test and find lots, that’s a red flag that there’s something wrong.”

So how do you, as the consumer, separate the quality supps from the imposters? Look for the ChromaDex Quality Verified Seal. This stamp of approval verifies that what is listed on the label is actually what is in the container, and that no protein spiking has occurred during manufacturing.

ChromaDex Quality Verified Seal

BPI Sports is proud to say that we were one of the first to partner with ChromaDex. Their Quality Verified Seal can be found on all ISO HD™ bottles, as well as all other BPI Sports proteins.

“We created the concept of this seal program more than ten years ago,” said Jaksch. “BPI was one of the first to understand [the value] and say, ‘We can’t compromise, and we’re prepared to spend the money necessary to [test].’”

Muscle & Fitness also recognized BPI’s commitment to quality. ISO HD™ and co-founder, James Grage, were featured in their article.

James Grage physique
James Grage, co-founder of BPI Sports, is proof of what the right protein can do for your physique.

“This will be a total game changer,” says Grage. “You as a consumer will no longer have to guess whether you’re getting a quality protein product or one that’s been spiked with subpar ingredients. And now that BPI has the ChromaDex seal, it will force other companies to do the same. If they want to say that their product is just as good as ours, they’ll have to put their money where their mouth is and get it tested. In the end, this is great for everyone. It means that all the big companies are going to put out better products. You, the consumer, deserve that and should demand that.”

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