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Tyrone Bell: Muscle Intelligence – The Pump

Another Muscle Intelligence blog coming to you from Team BPI athlete and expert trainer, Tyrone Bell. “Let’s talk about the pump. Does it play… Read More

Dr. O: Modifying the Ketogenic Diet for Your Fitness Goal

James Grage: Let’s talk about variations on the keto diet. Let’s say that it’s a guy who’s in his mid-twenties to mid-thirties. He… Read More

Tyrone Bell: Muscle Intelligence – Occlusion Training

Tyrone Bell, BPI Sports’ Training Expert, is back with another edition of Muscle Intelligence. This week we’re talking about occlusion training, also known as… Read More

Beginner’s Gym Glossary

For beginners, walking into a gym can feel like walking into a foreign country. There are people performing rituals you’ve never seen before, customs… Read More

Tyrone Bell: Muscle Intelligence – Is There a Benefit to Taking BCAAs Outside of Training?

BPI Sports Expert Trainer, Tyrone Bell, created a series of videos to help explain some of the common questions he gets as a trainer. Read More

Summer Weight Loss Advice for Men

Women aren’t the only ones who worry about what they look like at the pool or the beach. As summer approaches, many men are… Read More

BCAAs vs. Protein: What’s the Difference?

What are the differences between amino acids and protein powders? Why are branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) crucial for muscle building? If you take a… Read More

Ask Dr. O: Is a Ketogenic Diet Right for Me?

Question: I’m interested in building muscle in the gym. Is a ketogenic diet right for me? Answer: A true ketogenic diet is based on a… Read More

The Truth: Training Naturally vs. Enhanced

Today we’re talking about something we’ve never addressed – a controversial topic that always sparks debate. Our goal here at BPI is to help… Read More

Which Supplements Should I Take and When?

If you’re a high-level athlete, you understand the importance of meal timing and which workouts to do at what time of day. But do… Read More

How to Use Burn Sets

Professional bodybuilders Jay Cutler and Arnold Schwarzenegger both used a method to pack on muscle – and it’s not what you think. Burn sets… Read More