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James Grage: Mission Shred – Episode 6

As most of you probably know, James Grage has more than his fair share of tattoos. Heading into the Arnold, he’s concerned that he’ll… Read More

James Grage: Mission Shred Episode 1

Last year, James Grage decided he needed to do something to challenge himself. He’d done bodybuilding shows before, but this needed to be… Read More

Steven Cao: Road to the Arnold

IFBB Men’s Physique Pro Steven Cao is about to step on stage to compete in his first Arnold Classic. For the last week,… Read More

Our November Team BPI Competitors

BPI Sports loves supporting our ambassadors, demo reps, campus reps, NPC reps, and fitness experts in their goals. Whether you ranked third in a… Read More

Crossing Over from Bikini to Figure

Lizzie Cushing is a BPI ambassador and bodybuilding competitor who successfully crossed over from bikini to figure. To help anyone else considering the… Read More

Our September Team BPI Competitors

Competing on the big stage takes hard work and dedication. We’re proud to present our ambassadors, demo reps, NPC reps and campus reps that… Read More

Generation Iron Names Regan Grimes “The Future of the Sport”

Recently, Generation Iron released an article titled, “This IFBB Pro’s Genetic Gifts Could Make Him the Future of the Sport.” Who were they… Read More