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Keto-Friendly Thanksgiving Dessert

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Managing Your Insulin: Low Glycemic Index Grocery List

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Keto-Friendly Protein Buckeye Recipe

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Dr. O: You’re Going to Become Insulin Resistant on a Keto Diet

James Grage: Ketones. They fuel your brain but they also fuel your nervous system too, correct? Dr. Brett Osborn: Ya. James: So… Read More

Dr. O: Bro Science Is Still Science

Dr. Brett Osborn: We do have patients in here who are my height, so 5’7”, and they’ll weigh 350 lbs. You know what… Read More

Dr. O: The Keto Diet Isn’t Magic

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Dr. O: Low-Carb Dieters Are More Prone to Injury

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Dr. O: Diet Soda Fuels Addiction

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Dr. O: Are You Carb Sensitive?

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Dr. O: Who Cares About Ketosis?

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