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Dr. O: Bro Science Is Still Science

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Behind the Scenes: One More Rep with Andrew LeMay

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Beginner’s Gym Glossary

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Our August Team BPI Competitors

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What Now?: Setting Goals After Winning It All

My name is Jennifer Millican and I am an International Powerlifting Federation World Champion. Now what? To be completely transparent, I have been struggling… Read More

An Introduction to Powerlifting

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Nutrition in a Busy Life

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How Powerlifting Saved Me from Myself

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Real Women Athletes: Lauren Bordelon

Here at BPI Sports, we understand that in this male-dominated industry, it’s important to make sure women still have a voice. Continuing our tribute… Read More

The Female Misconception

In honor of Women’s Health Week, which kicks off today, we reached out to women we admire and asked them to put together a… Read More